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We understand how hard it can be to do everything yourself. That’s why the team at Craven Media is made up of experienced individuals with a deep passion for creating stories, captivating visuals, and connecting them to your target audience.

Marketing Director

Missouri State University

Mona is the caring, organized, thoughtful brainiac. Her professionalism and character keeps her focused on each task at hand. Mona leads, learns and lives with passion and adjusts as the industry morphs and changes. Not only does Mona speak and connect with creatives and coders, she effectively communicates with clients to explain procedures and processes like a well seasoned manager. As the director of marketing, office manager, social media manager, wife, mother and overall beautiful person, Mona keeps a worldly approach to running our business with the wilderness inside.

Creative Content Director

Missouri Southern State University

With over 20 years combined experience in public education and advertising, Danny has always listened to the industry for its upcoming progression and steers clients in the right direction to be on the leading edge. He is a tremendously experienced creative content producer and film maker, and offers a cornucopia of knowledge to every project. As a producer, director, editor, videographer, project manager, website developer, audio engineer, musician, and consultant, Danny keeps a well rounded approach to successful marketing. Dangerously creative and worldly insightful, he and his creative team deliver quality productions with precision and care as a true artist and master of his field. Danny is a husband, father and adventurer. 

Creative Content Specialist

Pittsburg State University

The natural creator. Always sketching, always creating, always drawing inspiration from any environment that he walks into. With a professional graphic design career spanning over 15 years in the greater Joplin area, Travis possesses the creative mind, skills and view to help you create something great. He is a husband, father, a friend and his personality is contagious. When he’s not creating captivating digital content, you can find him in his shop working on old trucks, playing a guitar or spending time with friends and family. Travis’s values, integrity and character has moulded him into the creative visionary that he is today. With the Craven Media team, Travis will work hard to help your organization be the best version of itself.

Austin Drake

Creative Content Specialist

Crowder College
With a bright smile and upbeat, charismatic demeanor, Austin never fails to bring high energy and laughs to the room and people he surrounds. Even at a young age, design and creative aspects were a major part of his upbringing. Whether it be a massive lego set or an empty coloring page, his imagination never stops or slows down. A lover of all nerdy things and an avid gamer, you can catch him watching the Lord of the Rings series on repeat or spending countless hours gaming with his closest friends. When he’s not gaming you can find his nose deep in one of his many Architecture based books, expanding his knowledge of Architecture and Interior Design.

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