For self-employed individuals and small business owners, help can be harder to find. We wanted to put together a support page so your business can survive the economic impact of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Get Behind Digital

You can, and should, pivot your method of selling.

eCommerce Website

Get behind digital in a huge way. Convert your website so people go shift from personal shopping in store to shopping online with parcel delivery.

A strong online presence and conducting business online is more important than ever.  The consumer may not want, nor be able, to shop in person.  However, they do have the ability to shop from home via the internet.  Considering that a large portion of the population is stuck at home and as boredom sets in, they are online more than ever before.

Optimize On – This is not a time to panic. This knee-jerk reaction is setting your business up for a long-term, uphill struggle to recover. It is very much a living, breathing, competitive space and if you’re not actively moving ahead, you’re falling behind.

Facebook LIVE

Continue to connect with your customers via Facebook LIVE events. 

Facebook and Instagram Live videos receive 3x higher engagement than pre-recorded videos. So grab your phone or tablet and start streaming to engage with your customers.

People who are self-isolating or practicing social distancing will be seeking opportunities to connect with more people face to face. While this isn’t in direct contact, it is a current solution offering the interaction and online experience your audience is craving. Try answering questions in real-time, offer online check-ins, webinars, online demos, and more to keep your audiences up to date with the latest your business has to offer.

Be sure to also keep your audiences engaged with the latest news about your business and highlight how they can help you during these times with business activities like:

  • Shopping online during a promotional sale.
  • Purchasing gift cards.
  • Writing positive reviews online.
  • Shopping online and/or via phone.
  • Ordering delivery/curbside pickup if available.


To execute a successful live event, make sure that your broadcast is as clear and high-resolution as possible. Try a practice round beforehand, but don’t stress too much. The point of live stream is to provide a real, genuine reflection of your brand.

Overall, there’s a positive and empathetic angle your business can take to become creative in a world of social distancing, so use this opportunity to get creative, and explore new ways of expanding your reach via Facebook and Instagram.


Budgeting – You should be spending 7-8% of gross revenue on advertising and marketing. 

These are tasks you can get your team working on
while they self-isolate and work remotely.

1) Do an audit of your content

  • webpages
  • emails
  • blogs
  • presentations
  • videos


2) Plan Webinars or Facebook LIVE

3) Clean up your messes!

  • clean up files on your computer
  • delete things you don’t need anymore.


4) Recording Videos

  • Videos are great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Take 5-10 quotes from the video transcript and use them alongside images on Instagram in the coming months.
  • Take screenshots and use them as images on social media platforms.
  • Reuse those quotes in media releases and upcoming blog posts.


5) Online Reviews -this is a GREAT time to make sure your more recent reviews have a thoughtful response.

6) Update your Google Profile

  • special hours
  • precautions taken to avoid the spread in your store
  • new avenues taken to reach your customers


7) Communicate your company’s message clearly

  • When creating communication content, always consider the thoughts of the end user.
  • How they understand it.
  • How they process the information.
  • How they connect to the content and finally call to action.

Tips while you are working from home.

Stick to a schedule.

  • Set your alarm, get up at your regular time and stick to your normal morning routine.
  • Work in a space conducive to productivity. 
  • Make to-do lists.
  • Take regular breaks and move around often.


Plan your day first thing in the morning.

  • The morning statistically is when you are most clear and can think better about the entirety of your advertising plan.
  • Maintain communication with your team.
  • Maintain communication with your customers.


Practice self-care.

  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Eat balanced meals regularly.
  • Carve out some time for exercise. YouTube is your friend. Consider yoga and/or meditation.
  • Take breaks to spend a few minutes with your spouse or to check on your kid’s homeschool progress.
  • Reach out;  call a friend or family member or better yet video chat.
  • Breathe in, breath out. Wash your hands. This is an unprecedentedly difficult time and we WILL get though it, together.

If you need any assistance at this time, we are here to help.

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